Why We are Different


Hello! This is April, the mom behind Twice the Dreams popping in to let you know a few of the things that make this our small business so special.  We don't have a warehouse, or a big team (Twice the Dreams runs out of a studio in my house!) I'm a one woman show. I do everything from sewing to shipping and answering every single email is handled by me.  I'm so grateful for the opportunity to be a small part of your everyday style. 

Here's a quick list of a few things that are especially important to me:

Comfortable: Our headbands are made by hand in the US with comfortable flexible headband that make sure that you do not get headaches from our headbands. I tested tons of headbands and after tons of failed tests, I found headbands that are flexible enough not to pressure on your or your child's head. 

Quality: We use the highest quality materials, sourced from US based suppliers. We are commitment to supporting local, US-based companies is a top priority for us.

Eco-Conscience: All our products are made from vegan materials.
Shop small: Twice the Dreams is a labor of love from maker/owner/wearer-of-all-hats April.  I founded the company in 2020 when I could not find mommy and me matching items made in the US. Today I am thankful for the chance to share the bond created by matching mommy and me with families around the world.